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Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato Lyrics — The song Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato is from the Marathi movie Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato and has its music directed by Kaushal Inamdar while the lyrics of this beautiful song have been penned by Suresh Bhat.

Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato Lyrics
Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato Lyrics

Song Credits

Song: Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato
Movie: Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato Marathi
Music Director: Kaushal Inamdar
Lyricist: Suresh Bhat

Song Lyrics

Laabhale Amhaas Bhaagy Bolato Maraathhi

Jaahalo Kharech Dhany Aikato Maraathhi

Dharm Pnth Jaat Ek Jaanato Maraathhi

Ewadhyaa Jagaat Maay Maanato Maraathhi

Bolato Maraathhi, Aikato Maraathhi

Jaanato Maraathhi, Maanato Maraathhi


Amuchyaa Manaamanaant Dngate Maraathhi

Amuchyaa Ragaaragaat Rngate Maraathhi

Amuchyaa Uraauraant Spndate Maraathhi

Amuchyaa Nasaanasaant Naachate Maraathhi


Amuchyaa Pilaapilaant Janmate Maraathhi

Amuchyaa Lahaanagyaant Raangate Maraathhi

Amuchyaa Mulaanmulit Khelate Maraathhi

Amuchyaa Gharaagharaant Waadhate Maraathhi


Amuchyaa Kulaakulaat Naandate Maraathhi

Yethelyaa Fulaafulaant Haasate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Dishaadishaant Daatate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Nagaanagaat Garjate Maraathhi


Yethalyaa Daridarit Hindate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Wanaawanaat Gunjate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Tarulataat Saajate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Kalikalit Laajate Maraathhi


Yethalyaa Nabhaamadhun Warshate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Pikaanmadhun Dolate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Nadyaanmadhun Dolate Maraathhi

Yethalyaa Charaacharaant Raahate Maraathhi


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